Autobahn Trucking opens showroom in Kasaragod

01 Apr, 2021

Autobahn Trucking has entered into the ‘Saptha Bhasha Sangama Bhoomi’ of Kasaragod District. The first showroom in the northernmost district of Kerala was inaugurated on 1 April 2021 by Mr. MAM Babu Moopan, Chairman and Mr. Farzad, Managing Director of Autobahn Trucking Corporation. Autobahn endeavors to bring cutting-edge commercial vehicles to the historic land of Kasaragod benefiting the local economy and people.

This is indeed a NEW ERA FOR THE TRUCKING COMMUNITY in Kasaragod with the ultra-dependable BharatBenz trucks which will reshape the identity of the industrial and agricultural logistics in the district. The new showroom is located conveniently, to be easy to access from anywhere in the district.

The district is a hub for inter-state trade in north Kerala and produces mostly agricultural products. This new showroom will greatly benefit the district’s economy by improving the access to high-quality trucking solutions hitherto unavailable. Kasaragod’s young truck driver can now truly shine on the road.

Please visit the new showroom at – Autobahn Trucking Corporation Pvt Ltd, Building No: 53/K, Ward no: 9, NH 66 Road, Munikkal, Panayal (PO), Bekal Fort, Kasaragod.